Evaluating the task
The task is yet to evaluate
Tasks goal orientation
Assessment of the presence of a goal in the task. The end users of the solution (beneficiaries) are defined. The problem is solved by the important unresolved and/or not sufficiently successfully addressed the socio-economic problems.
Effectiveness of a possible solution to the problem
The presence of criteria for solving the problem, their exact wording, ways to confirm their feasibility, indicating that the result has been achieved.
The cause of the problem
Description of the reasons for the problem: community requirements, regulatory framework, industry specifics, etc.
Data availability
Availability of data sets necessary for solving the problem, including those using open sources.
Uniqueness of the task
The problem statement distinguishes the problem from other solutions.
The relevance of the task for different territories, beneficiaries, and areas of activity. There is a high demand for solutions to this problem.
The feasibility of the task
On the basis of the problem statement it is possible to estimate the resources required for its solution. The customer confirms that it is being implemented correctly.
International challenge
Is the task relevant for other countries and may have the status of an international one?
General impression of the task
Comments for vote