Social Sphere
Identification of charity subjects – Tomsk region
Task Description
Identification of charity actors in the region, analysis of the features of their interaction, online activity, and the structure of charitable action.
There is no information about the charity entities in the region. The data obtained by searching for references to a charitable action contains a lot of garbage, which makes it difficult to classify the subjects and information of the authors.
  1. Understanding the subjects of charitable activity for building targeted interaction on three levels: - organizational and institutional (official charitable organizations), - communal (initiative groups, communities of targeted assistance) - individual (independent donors).
  2. Development of social entrepreneurship in the region.
  3. Budget savings due to the use of open and free software
Target audience
  • Head of the subject of the Russian Federation
  • Economic authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation
  • Structural organizations engaged in the development of the social sphere
  • Associations that are systematically engaged in the development of the charity system
Chaos Avokado
Team members
  • Goyko Vyacheslav Leonidovich
  • Petrov Evgeniy Yurievich
  • Mundrievskaya Yulia Olegovna
  • Sypina Natalia Sergeevna
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