Service for identifying the fact of the development of cardiovascular diseases (hereinafter - CVD) (heart attack, stroke) based on the assessment of cardiovascular risk – Sverdlovsk region
Task description
Identification of the fact of the development of cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke).
According to official statistics, since the beginning of 2020, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in Russia have increased by a quarter. Russia still has a high mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases. In this regard, an algorithm is needed to estimate the probability of a vascular catastrophe in order to anticipate its occurrence. The main criterion is the reduction of mortality from CVD.

Since the result can only be evaluated in dynamics after at least 2 years after the introduction of the federal program, it is proposed to use the solution of the following tasks to determine the successful solution of the project:
  1. Creating an algorithm for estimating the probability of a vascular catastrophe.
  2. Creating a digital profile of the patient within the personal account of the EGISZ.
  3. Timely notification of the patient by means of automatic mailing-invitations to CVD prevention based on the results using Machine Learning algorithms.
  4. Notifying the doctor with the help of the service about the patient's risk group in the EGISZ and developing individual recommendations for examination and treatment.
The service allows you to:
  1. Increase the level of early prediction of cardiovascular diseases by using the service that analyzes such parameters as: age, height and body mass index, gender, upper and lower blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood, smoking and alcohol consumption, physical activity, pulse pressure, and the presence of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Reduce the number of cardiovascular diseases and the death rate from them by reminding the user of various factors that affect the development of the disease.
Target audience
  1. Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  2. FFOMS OF THE Russian Federation
  3. Business
  4. Citizens of the Russian Federation
  5. Medical organizations
Team members
  • Klimov Petr Igorevich
  • Funtikov Vladimir Yurievich
Regional deployments
Address: 36, Novy Arbat, Moscow, 121099
Phone: +7 495 690-91-29
+7 (926) 246-02-51
Fax: +7 495 690-91-39