Dependence of the child's academic performance on additional education programs – Tomsk region
Task Description
Create a solution that determines how attendance at additional education programs, various clubs and sections affects the child's academic performance.
There is no system that determines the trajectory of the child's development. The data depersonalization procedure takes a long time, and data collection requires access to a number of systems.
  1. The ability to obtain analytics that link the child's current academic performance and additional education, the final score of the Unified State Exam and the choice of exams.
  2. Getting an answer, what kind of education and how it affects: - academic performance, - final grade, - the choice of exams and the relationship of choice with the future profession and the adjustment of the system of additional education.
  3. Budget savings due to the use of open-source consolidated software.
Target Auditory
  1. Educational authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation
  2. Educational institutions
  3. Parents and children
Tandem Team
Team members
  • Seleznev Dmitry
  • Ognev Ilya
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