Culture and Tourism
Analysis of a tourist's digital footprint – Chelyabinsk region
Task Description
Create a solution that allows you to create a digital portrait of a tourist and build on its basis the targeting of the tourist flow.
Domestic tourism in the country is developing, but poorly. The motives for choosing a place to visit and the digital footprint of a tourist are not well understood. There is no systematic work on data collection, the ability to make effective decisions on targeting the tourist flow.
  1. The emergence of an effective marketing and product strategy to attract tourists to the resorts of the Southern Urals
  2. A multiple increase in the occupancy rate of the number of rooms and visits to existing tourist infrastructure facilities in the region
  3. Increasing the digital presence index of the Southern Urals on the Internet
  4. Budget savings due to the use of open source free software
Target Audience
  1. Head of the subject of the Russian Federation
  2. Cultural authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation
  3. Tourism development agencies
  4. Business in the tourist area
Team members
  • Mikhaylikova Evgeniya
  • Belov Alexander
  • Lyubimtseva Anna
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