Culture and Tourism
Development of an algorithm for increasing the tourist flow of the Ostankino TV Tower based on the analysis of tourist preferences – Moscow
Task description
Analyze what values from visiting observation decks are attractive to tourists around the world, including reviews and posts on social networks.

Development of tools for attracting visitors to different segments (depending on the purpose of the visit, solvency and interests).
Today, the Ostankino TV Tower has a much lower tourist flow than other TV towers in the world. As part of the task, it is necessary to prepare a solution to increase the tourist flow to the Ostankino TV Tower, taking into account the existing restrictions on capacity, limited time spent on the TV tower, depending on the seasonality and time of day, as well as weather data.
The service contributes to:
  1. Increasing the tourist flow to the Ostankino TV Tower by identifying the interests of tourists and correctly distributing their visits at all times of the year.
Target audience
  1. Ostankino TV Tower
  2. High-rise structures and towers that are part of the Federation of the Great Towers of the World (for 2020-more than 50 towers and high-rise structures)
Team members
  • Baranova Alina Valerievna
  • Golovko Darya Valerievna
  • Perekatova Anastasia Dmitrievna
  • Chemidova Aysa Borisovna
  • Rubtsov Artyom
Regional deployments
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+7 (926) 246-02-51
Fax: +7 495 690-91-39