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Calculation of statistics of visits to protected areas by tourists using geodata of mobile operators – All subjects of the Russian Federation
Task description
It is necessary to create a service that allows you to determine the most popular places of tourist presence in specially protected natural areas (SPNA), on the basis of which you can plan the financing of infrastructure and individual measures to improve SPNA.
Specially protected natural areas are one of the most popular places to visit for ecotourists. However, for the majority of protected areas, the usual sources for obtaining statistical data on tourist visits to places within the territory are difficult and there is no possibility of effective planning for the development of the territory. This is primarily due to the low level of digitalization and uncontrolled entry points.
The service allows you to:
  1. Effectively develop protected areas by analyzing the heat map of tourists and their behavioral pattern.
  2. On the basis of this analysis, to increase the tourist attractiveness of protected areas and to improve the places of the greatest presence of tourists on its territory.
  3. To increase the tourist flow due to the qualitative development of protected areas.
Target audience
  1. Regional executive authorities
  2. Administration of protected areas
  3. Tourists
Team members
  • Niyazov Ilyas Alievich
  • Zhabelov Samat Takhirovich
  • Ketov Mukhamed Leonovich
Kabardino-Balkar Republic
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