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Index of citizens ' opinion on spheres of life – Novgorod region, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, Irkutsk region
Task description
Identification of not just all messages related to the region, but those that reflect the attitude to the regional authorities.

Develop a solution that allows you to correctly determine the tone of statements with a probability of 85%.

The service should show the relationship between the achievement of the targets of state and municipal programs in relation to the goals set.

The problem points and the reasons for the poor quality of services should be identified.
It is important for the authorities to understand the attitude to certain actions, it is necessary to have feedback from the actions that they perform. For example, in the region, they changed the traffic pattern, found out how many mentions, how many positive and how many negative, and made recommendations: explain to the population why this was done, or highlight it in the media. All this allows you to determine the directions for the work of press services, press centers. Currently, the decision is very relevant in the work of the SDGs, which are being created in all regions on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation.
The service allows you to:
Identify problem points (causes) of poor quality of service provision based on open source data and, in the future, form a proposal for automatic conclusions on improving the process of providing services (for example, reducing the time frame, converting to electronic form, etc.).)
Target audience
  1. Regional executive authorities
  2. Municipal executive authorities
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