Citizens and communities Interaction
Qualitative change in the interaction of the state and the person (happiness index) – Moscow, the Republic of Tatarstan, Krasnodar Krai, Ulyanovsk, Sverdlovsk, Novgorod regions
Task description
Automation and improvement of the measurement of the quality of life of the population in the settlements of the regions, increasing the accuracy of this assessment.
The problem of improving the quality of life in the countries of the world, in the regions of Russia and individual municipalities is one of the most important strategic tasks in the modern world. The pace of economic development and its direction, as well as social, political and economic stability, depend on solving the problems of the quality of life of the population. In addition, the most urgent issue at present is the smoothing of inter-municipal differences in the living conditions of the population in different localities of the regions.
The service allows you to:
  1. Based on the automated assessment of the parameters for measuring the quality of life of the population, identify those that will allow you to quickly and reliably determine the parameters that affect the quality of life of the population and improve them in cases where it is necessary.
  2. Based on the analysis of the opinions of citizens and their open sources, identify the most problematic indicators that affect the quality of life.
  3. By determining the unevenness of indicators of the quality of life of the population, equalize them, improving the quality of life in those localities in the region where they are lower than others.
Target audience
  1. Citizens of the Russian Federation
  2. Governments
  3. Executive authorities in regions and municipalities
  4. Business associations
  5. Scientific community
  6. Public organizations
Team members
  • Bosenko Roman
  • Ermak Maxim
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