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Live «NPO Map» – Rostov Region
Task description
Creation of an open interactive map of the activities of socially oriented non-profit organizations (SO NPOs) with the functionality of including an information platform for NPOs, a registration database of active NPOs and a platform for working with big data about NPOs in the territories, including statistical information about living citizens, events and development forecasts, target audiences of NPOs and their reporting.
The order of the President of the Russian Federation (No.Pr-2346 of 05.12.2016) sets the task of organizing access of socially oriented non-profit organizations (SO NPOs) to the financial resources of the budgets of municipal bodies and regional executive authorities. At the same time, there is no tool that verifies the existing NPOs and their distribution across the region.
The service allows you to:
  1. Track active CO-NGOs and promote their development.
  2. To increase the effectiveness of the measures and efforts taken by the resource centers to increase the number of regional NPOs, improve their structure and improve the quality of the activities of regional SO NPOs.
  3. To increase the involvement of citizens in the activities of NGOs and to estimate the number of active volunteers for their redistribution in those territories where they are not enough.
Target audience
  1. Government of the Rostov Region
  2. Regional resource centers
  3. Specialized research institutes
  4. Socially-oriented non-profit organizations
  5. Socially active citizens
Team members
  • Vladimirov A.A.
  • Vorotilina S.S.
  • Oficerov V.E.
  • Ryndin D.N.
  • Selin Yu.N.
  • Chudak A.A.
  • Yurov Ya.E.
Rostov Region
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