Urban Environment
Calculation of the optimal number of transport routes and rating of road transport companies in the region – Sverdlovsk region, Primorsky Krai, Kursk region
Task description
Based on the analysis of information about the time intervals of traffic congestion, the time of movement between bus stops, planned, actual and projected data on the movement of bus routes, it is proposed to draw conclusions about the most problematic sections of traffic and to calculate the optimal number of routes.
At the moment, urban public transport does not meet the needs of the citizens of the regions and is not popular with them. For example, they note its low speed. Among the possible ways to solve the problem, the need to create priority zones for public transport is declared.
The service allows you to:
  1. Creating a schedule for the success of companies for a certain period of time, taking into account the rationing by the number of routes, stops and schedules.
  2. Reduce the travel time on public transport during rush hour.
Target audience
  1. Committee of Transport and Highways
  2. Department of Transport, Carriers
  3. Residents of cities
Team members
  • Vagin Andrey
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